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The videos and links on this page are intended to be informative and beneficial to the UAV community. All rights are reserved by YouTube and the respective parties who took the time to prepare these videos, and we encourage you to complement and thank them for their efforts. Our display of these links is NOT intended to take credit for, or responsibility for the content of these videos, nor does it imply our involvement in any way other than to BLOG about these things. We hope you enjoy and learn something.

Build a 5S Racing Quad

Calibrating the compass on a DJI Phantom 2.

H4 Alien Build yourself a multi-rotor Demonstration Series Part 0

Click Here to go to Martin Anderson’s MultiCopterBuild site on YouTube.  He has made some awesome videos detailing construction of multi-rotor drones.

Parrot AR Drone Videos


DJI Videos

Click here to check out this video series re: Building your own Quadcopter and waterproofing it.

Click Here for more info on Corrosion X

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