Everyone has need for training and support long after the initial purchase of an air-frame is made. We offer all types of support, training and local resources to help you master the art of flying your new UAV.

We have partnered with some of the best aeronautical schools and flight instructors in the world, in order to better serve your needs as a pilot or commander of any robotic craft.  Visit our Educational Provider Page to find out more about becoming a certified pilot.

We offer Upgrades and Repairs to most major brands, as well as custom built air-frames.  Whether you need a motor replaced,  new gimbal or you want to upgrade your FPV flight Controller, we are here to serve your needs throughout Palm Beach County at our Partner Locations, and at several new locations coming soon!

If you plan to fly commercially or for a government agency or as a First Responder, you may want to visit the FAA site to learn more about Section 333 and the exemptions that you may apply for.  In addition to submitting a petition for exemption, petitioners will also need to apply for and receive a civil Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA). The COA process makes applicable FAA Air Traffic Control facilities aware of proposed UAS operations, and provides the FAA the ability to consider airspace issues unique to UAS operations.

Click here to read about how to start the process.

Please call today to discuss your plans in this arena and how we can assist you in achieving your goals. Whether it is certified flight training, Aerial Photography instruction, preventative maintenance and tuning of the air-frame or design services, we are here to lend that guidance and assistance.

Call 561-389-1490 today!

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