Security Robots

cob4Robots are increasingly being used for security and surveillance applications, as well as the traditional Bomb Disposal and search & rescue roles.

Now personal robots are available in the $40,000 – $300,000 range and are used as nighttime watch keepers by their owners, as well as other tasks like recipes, reading news, monitoring vital signs and alerting help if someone falls.  There is practically no limit to what a robot can be programmed to do these days.

With multiple cameras, laser sensors and sonar, these wi-fi enabled portable scanning machines can tell you anything you want to know about their surroundings, including if a burglar has broken into the office.  They also make really great tele-conference terminals.

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Even more impressive may be the developments taking place in robotic aerial platforms.  Autonomous flight controllers, Charging Pads and Accessories that further automate the use of Drones will lead to widespread commercial use, in the near future.

As a System Integrator, Palm Beach Drone will tailor newly developed equipment into a customized security solution like this “Auto Launch System” described below; designed for a Country Club, Private Ranch or other Large area that needs Aerial Surveillance at the touch of a Button!

drone-electric-padThe “Auto-Launch System” incorporates a medium lift, 40 minute duration, Multi-Rotor aircraft with intelligent flight controls and a special WiFi remote controlled outdoor docking station, that automatically recharges the aircraft while it is in the “hangar”

drone docking stationOnce properly armed and recharged, the aircraft can be deployed by anyone from a remote location, simply by pressing a button on the computer screen or tablet they use.   The aircraft will fly a pre-set flight path beaming back live video over IP when it can, and retain the video onboard for when it flies out of radio range, if ever.  When done, the aircraft will automatically land in it’s docking station, recharge and get ready for the next flight.

This allows a farmer, guard station or property manager to observe a large property or tract of land, without leaving the safety of the office or guard station areas (Visual Line of Sight rules may apply).  This can greatly reduce the cost of manpower, and make greater use of your time.  This system, that is weather resistant, would cost around $110,000 installed anywhere in South Florida.

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