Rates & Fees


Palm Beach Drone is dedicated to providing the client with World Class “Service After The Sale”  To that end, we strive to test and certify each machine to be free of defect when returned to the customer.  A lot of time may be spent testing and calibrating robotic equipment before returning to the client.

We have different rates for Training, Calibration work, Repair, Upgrades, Software & Analysis and a broad spectrum of services that are offered by our Partners and the Manufacturers we represent.  Our Standard rates are listed below:

In some cases an aircraft or vessel is too damaged for repair, or may be cost prohibitive.  At Palm Beach Drone, a Diagnosis Only will usually cost you $200*.  This includes up to 1 hour of time to tear down, estimate repairs, and re-assemble the aircraft.  Depending on the damage, we will re-assemble if possible.    This price does not include any repair work, firmware updates, testing or calibration work.

None of our published prices reflect any Manufacturer support options that you may be entitled to.  If you ever have a question about warranty coverage, manufacturer maintenance or replacement, etc. please give us a call for a free consultation.

Standard Bench Repair cost will be $300* for the first hour plus parts; $125.00/hour thereafter.

Our $300* Standard Repair reflects a one hour minimum Bench Fee to repair most retail brand equipment, a one hour minimum fee to test and a $50 dealer handling fee.  Unless otherwise specified, our standard repair rate is based upon $125./hour* labor rate plus parts.

Service on Import Brands may be more, due to required certifications,  Dealer Fees, or Shipping costs to repair abroad, (ask your sales agent to quote non-standard or  Premium support and/or training).

Drop off and Pick-Up locations are available throughout Palm Beach County; or Delivery is available for a Fee of $95/hour to and from your facility.  Please arrange with us in advance if you are going to be shipping to us.

* The stuffed shirts want us to say “…and all applicable taxes, fees, duties, import tariffs, registration fees, and other costs related to this transaction”, but we knew that you were already aware of that!

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