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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (also known as UAVs or Drones) can provide many benefits to Police, Firefighters and First Responders, feeding back vital aerial footage and information to assist in providing aid, reacting to a natural disaster or extinguishing fires as quickly as possible.  Tactical Robots allow for surveillance, remote defense and operating in hazardous environments like in a burning building or radioactive site.  ROVs provide underwater services faster than a diver can, and are impervious to toxins in the water.

FireBot TP-500-080-H

The way in which these devices help is derived through attached cameras, sensor payloads and infrared technology, which can provide information such as where people are located in a disaster situation, which direction a fire is heading so firefighters can deter the spreading of it, monitor the magnitude of the disaster or detecting where the failure, breach or fire started.   These autonomous systems often provide the first views of the damage or loss.

The technology that is attached to these robotic systems can also help detect surrounding conditions or situations like mudslides, utility leaks, or people who may be  in areas of imminent danger.  This will allow First Responders to distribute warnings to those in the surrounding areas of risk, and evacuate any humans or animals in danger.  Infrared technology can detect any heat signature allowing it to detect humans or animals in water, on land, in snow or trapped inside buildings endangered by fire.  Drones and robots can also carry first aid equipment to those affected or in danger, particularly in remote locations or where harsh conditions make it difficult to access by emergency personnel.

UAVs can do all of this in a much quicker time frame than physically possible for humans and are able to get closer to the emergency without endangering any human lives.


One example of what a UAV could to to assist with firefighting operations comes from a team of engineers at Lockheed Martin Corporation and Kaman Aerospace Corporation. The team tested the Indago Quad Rotor drone which was able to detect fire hot spots, then transmit this data back to an operator who instructed a K-MAX helicopter to go and autonomously extinguish the fire. The K-MAX helicopter was able to drop more than 24,000 pounds of water onto the fire in just one hour, autonomously.  That’s real help!

Click here for further information on the Lockheed Martin Corporation and Kaman Aerospace Corporation K Max for use in FireFighting 

We know that one size does not fit all needs.  For that reason we have worked hard to identify each of the best firms in the industry.  We have found the best sensor platforms and software, in order that we can offer you access to over 30 international robotic companies, with dozens of specialized products and solutions to meet your specific application.  We work with companies like Aerialtronics, Avyon, Drone America, Ing Robotic, MicroDrones, Precision Air, Sci-Aero, SuperDroid Robots and Triton Submarine to name a few.

We specialize in providing remote information quickly, efficiently and with fail-safe systems.  Look to Palm Beach Drone for Premium AUV, ROV, UAV and other UAS robotic systems that are approved by DHS, Nasa and many International Police battalions and Fire Fighter brigades..  That’s what we sell, and proudly represent to the South Florida Market!

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