Cinematography & Video

Whether Autonomous, Semi-Autonomous or just remote controlled vehicles are used, there is no doubt that cinematography has been greatly enhanced by recent developments in robotic video equipment.    Aerial Drones, underwater AUVs and ROV’s that operate on grade now handle some of the most sensitive, if not dangerous, operations in Cinemetography and Video production.

There are new gimbals that can provide clean jitter-free video on the first try,  which save countless hours of production time.   Drones or ROV’s allow breathtaking shots to be taken without risk to human drivers, or the cost of keeping a helicopter on the clock.  Aerial video is now more affordable than ever before, enabling dozens of new business models to spring forth, like crop analysis, and real estate video showcases.

Palm Beach Drone will assist you in finding local Pilots & firms with solid experience in taking aerial  video, doing Post-Processing, refining it into usable video, doing color corrections and custom editing.

We will also provide consulting services, upgrades and repairs on your existing drone system to help you maximize your return on investment.

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