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Palm Beach Drone provides you with more choices in Aquatic Drones than any other supplier in the USA!  We import water resistant carriages from all over the globe, then put US approved accessories,  radios and controls in them, so we can supply them to our clients.

Whether you want a FPV multi-rotor that can land it’s camera face down in the water and automatically employ a fish finder, or want an aircraft that can be launched, survey miles of ocean and  be retrieved at sea, we are the firm that will provide you with affordable solutions, that are water and weather resistant.

We offer some of the best submarine products in the world, starting with the $2,500 SeaWolf RC static diving camera Submarine.  We also offer you access to the OceanServer Torpedo Research Subs and Triton Submarines for human exploration of the oceans.

Increasingly, aerial drones are being used for search and rescue missions because they can detect the heat signature of a person in water or snow or on land, as well as deliver life safety equipment ,such as a life preserver to someone who is drowning at the beach.  We offer the systems which are designed to work in this environment, as well as beneath the surface.

Some of the Water Resistant or Waterproof Brands we will introduce you to include:

Altavian Nova Plane

FPV Factory Splash Drone Quad Copter

OceanServer Iver Torpedo Research & Mapping Submarines

QuestUAV AquaPro Plane

SeaWolf Miniature 3′ RC submarine compatible with GoPro, etc.

Triton Submarine 1, 2 or 3 man subs.

UAV Factory Penguin Plane

Custom Built Water Craft in many sizes and configurations.

Call today for a free quote, and to find out more.  561-389-1490

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