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 H. Shawn Holmgren is the Editor and creator of the Blog Sphere at www.palmbeachdrone.com.   Shawn has been a resident of South Florida since the Early 1970’s, and uses this forum to share his experience and views on Surveillance, Drones, and Robotic Technologies.

He has studied computers, industrial electrical wiring, low voltage, networking,  security,  surveillance, automation and robotics,   He is also a veteran FCAM and FCAM instructor, having managed premium condominiums on Palm Beach Island for more than a decade, and serving on multiple Boards of Directors.  Shawn is a natural teacher, author, educator and developer.

Through previous business experience he has extensive knowledge of the South Florida Real Estate and Business markets.   This has brought a firm understanding of how to educate consumers and market new products to the growing South Florida Robotic Drone community.

Email: editor@palmbeachdrone.com


          By writing about new developments in the UAV, AUV, ROV and UAS markets, it is our desire to educate and provide “Service After the Sale” for those interested in using robotic systems for work or pleasure.  Special attention is paid to the Aerial Drones and the issues that surround things flying over-head.

We are always open to new views, and new writers who are serious about Technology.  If you are a good journalist and want to contribute to Palm Beach Drone, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Similarly, we will quote others when we find a well written article elsewhere on the web.   We will always credit those individuals, blogs, or news outlets for their excellent work!

Palm Beach Drone, and it’s Affiliates are simplifying the public adaptation to robotic technology through the use of Educational practices, our Blog Sphere, public and private partnerships, links to robotic information, retail Web Marketplace and our Commercial Distribution Programs.  Proud partner of droneSmart.US

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