South Florida Science Center


We are proud to partner with the South Florida Science Museum.  Our goal is to further the beneficial use of robotic technology in societal applications.  Palm Beach Drone supports the concepts of the Drones for Good Campaign, the Know before you Fly campaign, FLL and SeaPerch challenges.  We strive to promote healthy education on the use of Robotic Technology anywhere we operate.

By partnering with the South Florida Science Center we hope to assist in delivering quality educational programs to all aspiring Robotic Engineers in training.  We support the Annual Drop-It, Build-It, Fly-It, Thrill-It Challenge that they have to inspire young engineers, and other programs that they have for programming and building  autonomous systems.

Flyability Gimball Drone

If you are a Robotics Engineer, Programmer, Supplier or Teacher they are very open to working with you, and having you share your experience with us as we work to inspire future generations in STEM programs.

Another way you can help the Science Center is by giving any size, tax deductible, donation to this not-for-profit institution. Please contact to get involved.  Or you can talk to anyone here at Palm Beach Drone by calling 561-389-1490, and we will be happy to share more information with you about the Science Center, it’s Robotics programs, etc.

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