Salt Water Brewery & PBD Beer Delivery Challenge

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Palm Beach Drone knows what a good aircraft can do, and the folks at Saltwater Brewery know what the uninhibited mind can do.  Together, we decided to host a Drone Beer Delivery challenge, to see what your inspired minds would do, if the prize was right.

We decided to offer all qualified entrants the chance to bring home as much free beer as your Multi-Rotor aircraft can lift for at least 10 seconds, and load on your truck or trailer.  We will also award cash prizes and/or Gift Certificates to the entrants who place 1st in overall weight carried; in each class size.

Beer Lift on IcePalm Beach Drone & Saltwater Brewery are very respectful of the laws and regulations that govern the commercial use of drones.  This challenge is only intended to encourage the amateur development of delivery drone technologies.
(Please do not enter if you are a commercial entity.)

The Winners will be featured on a Winners Circle Plaque displayed at the Saltwater Brewery as well as online, and may be featured in promotions or ads for future events by Palm Beach Drone and/or Saltwater Brewery, the finest craft brewery in Florida.  Other promotional prizes and give-aways may be available with qualified submissions.

In addition, the best entrant may be select to assist with a new commercial drone beer delivery project; once FAA approval is given to commercial delivery systems.

Co-Sponsors Include:

Precise weight measurement services will be provided by Jackson Aircraft Weighing Service, (JAWS), onsite after each successful delivery flight.  They make precise weight scales for all sizes of aircraft up to the 737’s and A320 size jets.  Go to JAWS for more info.


The Law firm of McDonald Hopkins is a business advisory and advocacy law firm which is pleased to co-sponsor the Drone Beer Delivery Challenge.  They represent entrepreneurs, start-ups, and businesses in six offices around the country including Miami and West Palm Beach.  Christopher Hopkins will be at the event to discuss drone-related legal issues or you can reach him at   or go to  the McDonald Hopkins Website for more info.

SWB Location

The event will be hosted at or near the Salt Water Brewery on Saturday, December 19, 2015 at 2:00 p.m., with the awards ceremony at 4:30 p.m.   This is the 2nd Anniversary of the Brewery, and there will be live music, food trucks and much more going on to help celebrate the Saltwater Brewery’s success.

To enter: You must be 21 years of age or older, complete an application by December 17, and show up an hour early for pre-flight checks, and final registration.  All aircraft will be required to be tethered, in addition to the beer lifted, as a safety precaution.  (we provide the tether and it weighs only a few ounces.)

Entry Rules, Prizes, Location and Eligibility are all subject to change.  All rights reserved.  Sponsors and co-sponsors shall require a release of Liability from all contestants before admittance to the airfield.  Other restrictions may apply.  This event is being done for fun.  Safety is a top priority, and as such  the event is subject to weather influences, etc.  This web-page is where any changes will be posted or announced.

Spectators will be able to watch the live telecast from the monitors inside the bar.  The Public is welcome to watch the contest there, and the official awards ceremony will be held in the Saltwater Brewery Lounge.

Click here for a Google Map to the Saltwater Brewery

Click here for the 2015 MultiRotor Beer Delivery Challenge Application

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