Classified Ad Rates for UAV, ROV, AUV & AUS Systems, Parts & Accessories

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UAV, ROV, AUV and AUS Classified Advertising Rules & Rates

This area is reserved for classified advertising of UAV, ROV, AUV and AUS systems, parts and accessories.  This is NOT intended as a place for anyone to sell Laptops, TV’s, Cars or Refrigerators.  All ads must be approved before going live, by our moderator.

A pound of PEETS Fresh Coffee Beans, Baby’s Coffee or similar freshly roasted local Coffee Beans will also be accepted as an acceptable method of  “Donation Payment” for an ad.  New Local Coffee Shop Agreements are Attempted to be made every day, so check back frequently to see if we have any other special offers, or forms of “Donation Payment” for you to use.  

Remember, though, you can only advertise Robotic Stuff here on Palm Beach Drone Classifieds.

Ads must be paid for in advance, are non-refundable,  (Especially the Coffee), and are subject to moderation before being published.  Changes and comments  shall be subject to moderation before being published online, as well.  Ads will run for at least 30 days, unless the item is sold and you request the ad be pulled early.

To place an ad, you must have provided the Coffee Beans prior to attempting to place the ad.

Refunds will only be given in certain rare cases, where the Ad cannot be published because of user copyright infringements or unforeseen legal requirements or  other issues that may arise.  Coffee Payments are never returned unless it tastes terrible, in which case your ad will expire prematurely, (Immediately).

Palm Beach Drone Classifieds Cannot be Held Responsible for any loss, misrepresentation, theft, or damage caused by any Third Party Advertising that is being done on this site.  Use of this website also  infers that the user has agreed to the Terms and Conditions of this site. 

Palm Beach Drone offers no return policy, warranties or other promises of good faith, neither expressed nor implied, to visitors who purchase from third parties, when using this site as a classified advertising vehicle.  (You’re on your own!)

Please report any fraudulent activity to your local Police first, and let us know afterwards so that we may cooperate with the authorities, and then remove the listing from our site.  If you think there is a technical error or broken link, etc. on our site, please report it to

Oh, by the way, if we ever have to deal with the authorities, the first thing we hand over is the Coffee you provided us.  You’d better hope you gave us good beans…

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