Gimbals USG

USG  –  Gyro Stabilized Cameras and Sensors.

Compatible with many major brands like DJI and Service Drone MR, as well as PD-1 & PC-1.

The USG-301 is the perfect tool for inspections, with on-board video recording and snapshot capability.  Mounts on any airframe.

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With prices ranging from around $6,500 to $50,000 for Gyro Stabilized Gimbals and Cameras with 30X optical zoom, Thermal Imagers, Multi-Sensor with target tracking, scene tracking, digital video stabilization, movement detection and much more.

These gimbals work on any respectable UAS like the FreeFly Alta8,  MultiRotor G4, DJI S1000, etc. .  If you need an aircraft too, check out the very competitively priced UKRSPECSYSTEM PC-1 Multi-Rotor or PD-1 Fixed wing for a proper lift.

Whatever your ideas are telling you, we are here to help you develop the perfect aircraft and payload for your missions.

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