UKRSPECSYSTEMS is a UAV manufacturer in Ukraine, that specializes in long endurance aircraft and gyro stabilized surveillance sensors suitable for military, educational or commercial use.

USG  –  Gimbals

Sensors that are compatible with many brands of off the shelf drones, as well as the UKRSPECSYSTEMS Multi-Rotor and Fixed Wing aircraft.

Live, on-board Video processing with target tracking also available.

Click here for more information on these Gyro Stabilized Gimbals and camera sensors.  Or call 561-389-1490 for a free quote.

PD-1  – Fixed Wing Aircraft

The PD-1, (shown above) fixed wing plane has a 10 hour endurance, with a 50Km HD data stream and 85Km control link.  This easy to use, fuel driven, commercial, unmanned small UAV aircraft can be catapult launched or take off and land from a runway.  
We are pleased to offer this product for sale in the USA to qualified end-users.  Please call Palm Beach Drone at 561-389-1490 to obtain more information on this fully autonomous aircraft.

PC-1  – Multi-Rotor Aircraft

UKRSPECSYSTEMS also offers a Multi-Rotor platform that can carry their premium sensors, for those shorter range assignments.

Check out the PC-1 Multi-rotor here:   which comes in 4 and 8 rotor configurations.


We believe that the UKRSPECSYSTEMS brand of equipment will provide you with years of durable service, and at a price that will allow you to purchase the additional air-frames  and sensors needed for a redundant flight program.  Call today to find out how easy to use, how affordable this system is to own and operate, and how readily available it is compared to other commercial systems.

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Also visit the UKRSPECSYSTEMS YouTube channel, to watch some great videos of these products in use, by clicking below: