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Palm Beach Drone is proud to offer SuperDroid Robots to our distinguished clients.  SuperDroid Robots make the finest Tactical, Search and Rescue and Military grade robots with FPV HD Streaming Video, robotic arms, treads. You name it, they make it.

SDRobotics showcase-banner_custom_robotics Some models are standardized, but most of these robots are Custom built to order.  These are specialized rugged duty tools that are built using only the highest caliber bearings, motors, custom welded frames and Top-of -the-Line Sensors & Cameras.  You buy a SuperDroid Robot when the job is Mission Critical!

FireBot TP-500-080-H$24,254 MSRP*
* Firefighters, Police and First Responders get a discount; Ask us how we can save you thousands of dollars, if you protect the public.

Whether you are putting out Fires or just want to keep an eye on the Factory Floor, we have the programmable Robotic solution.  We are your Home Town Robotics Team!

Call 561-389-1490 to talk with a robotic Specialist today!

Let us help you select the right machine for your application.  We’ll train you how to use and care for it.  We’ll help you service and maintain your investment long after the purchase.

SDRobotics TP-500-080-D $ 4,780 MSRP

Or if you really need to take control of the situation, try a Tactical Drone, customized for any purpose…

SD Robotics SDRT-HD2Arm-1a $27,000-40,000
as Configured with Basic or Multi-Axis Arm, Camera Options, Etc.

We can also build any Custom modification you need for any industry in the SuperDroid Factory located in North Carolina.   Call today for a free consultation 561-389-1490

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