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We believe in safety, efficiency and the future of flight. – earn more, save more and go home safely. Sci.Aero’s cyberQuad is precision engineered to be the worlds safest and most reliable industrial robotic aircraft, UAV, Drone. With a proud heritage; cyberQuad was the first to be certified by NASA & CASA for commercial aviation demonstration use in the Americas, Australia, and ICAO countries. cyberQuad is operational in 6 of the 7 continents and it was the first VTOL UAV, Drone to be operationally used in the Resources industry. Today it’s actively supporting people to save lives globally.

NASA Tested cyberQuad – Click Here

NASA 2 day testing artice – Click Here

 We invest in people and are proudly CASA’s first and most experienced Remote Pilot Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Training Organisation – founded in 2006 we’re proud to be a revolutionary robotic aircraft organisation, Australia’s largest now global UAV company and the first & only ISO9001 accredited. Our strategy is simple: deliver amazing value, be the leaders and inspire.

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****   Click Here to Buy a 1st Responder RTF Kit with Dual CyberQuads, Controller, Thermal Imaging Camera, Video Downlink for FPV,  GPS waypoint navigation, Cybervision Video Terminal, 4 batteries, dual chargers, and Hard Case, .  Everything you need for day or night time search and rescue, crowd monitoring or other life safety operation.  ****

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Customizable Payload Options

  • 1920×1080 50p Video
  • 20 Megapixel Stills
  • 12x Optical Zoom with 24x Clear Image Zoom
  • Balanced Optical Steady Shot
  • 640x512p/336x256p Resolution Options
  • 30 Hz and 9 Hz Framerates Available
  • Adjustable Isothermic Display Range
  • Robust and Lightweight
  • Wideband Near-Infra Red
  • Integrated DSLR for Full RGB Plus NIR Imagery
  • NDVI for Vegetation Health Indexing
  • Companion Geo-Tagging Software
  • 16.1 Megapixel Imagery
  • Ideal Companion Camera for Multispectral Payload

Safe and Community-Friendly

At Sci.Aero, the safety of the operator and the community is our foremost priority. In aid of this, the cyberQuad UAV platform features innovative ducts that not only vastly improve the craft’s hover efficiency— they also contain the blades, meaning the drone is inherently safe.

Furthermore, with a noise rating of 65 dBa at a distance of three metres (roughly equivalent to operating a vacuum cleaner), the craft can be practically operated in a range of environments— from urban settings to the great outdoors— with minimal sonic disturbance.

Another prominent consideration made during the design process is ease of use. With the cyberQuad Power Management System, near-continuous flight can be achieved, allowing virtually indefinite operational duration.

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Endurance and Range

  • Up to 25 minute cycle times
  • Near-continuous flights via integrated cyberQuad Power Management System
  • 1000 metre reception radius
  • Superior hovering efficiency

Transportable and Practical

  • Ruggedised, highly mobile, IP67 rated transport / Ground Station, provided as standard with base package— carries up to two aircraft and all required accessories
  • Safe; designed for air travel, engineered safe to travel on commercial aircraft.
  • Mobile; Ground station comes complete, ready for easy deployment – where needed – when needed. Be airborne in under a minute.
  • Easy transport; Sci.Aero type batteries meet United Nations regulations for transportation and can be shipped, or taken aboard commercial airliners as carry-on freight

Rugged and Reliable Accessory Equipment

Available packages include:

  • Dual-operator payload control
  • Advanced Power Management System
  • A range of visualization options, including integrated goggles and durable, ultra-bright vision terminals
  • Optional daylight-visible tablet can be used to display telemetry, plan autonomous flights with waypoint navigation and configure the system
  • Aircraft maintenance tools

Industry Focused Packages


Expert quality, detailed imagery, inherently safe.

  • cyberQuad™ Ducted Quad, VTOL Robotic Aircraft
  • Payload: an industry leading full HD, 24MP, 10x optical zoon, that’s actively stabilised
  • Standard cyberQuad Base Station
  • option: 2nd aircraft – dual themal/optical


Expert quality, detailed imagery, inherently safe.

  • cyberQuad™ Ducted Quad, VTOL Robotic Aircraft
  • Payload: an industry leading Digital SLR payload
  • Robotic Way Point Navigation
  • Standard cyberQuad Base Station
  • Option: Multispectral NIR Upgrade for Eco/Agricultural Surveying, inc. GPS Tagged 3.2MP Near-Infrared Image Sensor
  • Option: 2nd Aircraft Multi-spectral


Expert quality, seamless imagery, inherently safe.

  • cyberQuad™ Ducted Quad, VTOL Robotic Aircraft
  • Payload: an industry leading full HD, 24MP, 10x optical zoom, that’s actively optically stabilised.
  • Standard cyberQuad Base Station


Expert quality, detailed footage, inherently safe.

  • cyberQuad™ Ducted Quad, VTOL Robotic Aircraft
  • Payload: an industry leading Thermal / Optical image payload
  • Robotic Way Point Navigation
  • Standard cyberQuad Base Station
  • Option: 2nd Aircraft with an industry leading full HD, 24MP, 10x optical zoom, that’s actively optically stabilized

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Through Life Support Contracts

Peace of mind. Simple low maintenance aircraft that perform when it counts. Every drone comes fully supported by a back to base TLSC or Through Life Support Contract. Our TLSC provide industries best support and your peace of mind that your aircraft is flight ready.

For your advantage the following is included:

Priority Support with dedicated contact.
– Direct connection to TLSC Manager
Annual service and tune up.
– Annual consumables and recommended replacement parts (inc. batteries & props).
Access to our continual improvement program
– access to latest release safety & firmware upgrades.
Access to our Industry Expert Knowledge Base
– Access the information that counts, when it counts, on your terms.
Priority on future equipment and upgrades
– A valued member access to our preferred release programs.
Premier Briefings
– Be the first to know, be in the know and lead your industry.
– Priority access, Notification and Briefing on developments.
Access to On-Going Education
– Keep your skills relevant, advance your knowledge and stay at the forefront.
– Access to the Continual Development Education Programme.


HD Video

The full HD video payload comprises of an optically image stabilised camera with full 1920×1080 50p video capabilities. It is ideally suited to inspection work and the cinematography industries. The 12x optical zoom allows for great versatility in getting the perfect shot. This payload is best paired with the secondary payload controller.

Dual Thermal/Optical

The dual thermal/optical payload is ideal for inspecting machinery and industrial sites.

Multispectral & DSLR

This payload is ideal for the agricultural and surveying industries. Paired with a waypoint navigation and mission planning tablet, this package provides a powerful tool that allows for repeatable flights. The RGB+NIR imaging capabilities of this payload give a wealth of information agricultural industries.


This payload is ideal for photography and surveying. The 16 megapixel camera gives stunning photos with great clarity.

cyberQuad UAV solution in hard transport case with accessories

Standard cyberQuad™ Base Station

Sci.Aero’s industry leading, highly mobile, field ready base station, designed for rapid deployment, this unit comes standard with the following.

Ruggedised Rapid Deployment Transportation Case with Toolbox

You don’t have to worry about damage to your UAV in storage or transport, thanks to the field proven IP67 rated Pelican transport case . The case contains enough space for two quads and all ground station equipment.

cyberQuad Remote Robotic Control Station

The robotic pilot station gives full control of the aircraft, and has integrated backlit telemetry screen and digital voice telemetry.

10″ CyberVision Terminal

The vision terminal includes 10″ high brightness daylight visible HD screen with optically bonded anti-glare screen protection and dual diversity video receiver, all inside a tough IP67 rugged case.

Daylight Visible Ground Station

The 10″ multi-touch capacitive IPS+ matte display tablet allows for automated waypoint navigation and mission planning. It comes with software to fully plan missions, re-run previous flight paths, and configure the aircraft. The flights can be planned and tracked live by overlaying the flight path over satellite imagery, allowing for easy waypoint placement. The tablet also displays live telemetry from the aircraft, allowing the operator to easily track what the UAV is doing.

Advanced UAV Power Management Station

The power management system includes 4 high capacity Li-Po batteries and 2 high quality temperature sensing battery chargers in a tough IP67 Pelican case. The chargers can be powered from either mains or from a vehicle battery, allowing you to always have fully charged batteries ready for your next flight. By having multiple chargers and batteries, you can keep the aircraft working all day, with only quick landings to swap out the batteries.

Optional Components

5″ CyberVision Portable Video Recorder

Wireless video recorder with MicroSD Card slot. Contains an integrated video receiver and rechargeable battery.

Secondary Payload Controller

To enable greater control over the payload, a secondary payload controller can be used. This allows the gimbal and selected other controls to be handed over to a dedicated payload operator. The payload operator can be fully focused on the footage being captured, using the live feedback from the standard vision terminal. This is ideal for inspection work, and the photography and cinematography industries.


Live asset inspection. Accredited value driven solutions, safe & reliable.

Sci.Aero offers a range of services ideal for application in offshore or low accessibility contexts. Our UAV systems are perfect for oil rig inspections, allowing examination of critical structures with zero downtime; thanks to the flexible, 3-dimensional operation of the aircraft, machinery and even flares can be inspected without ever needing to be shut down. Tasks requiring rope access— and even some tasks previously thought impossible— can be completed with ease and efficiency and without putting anyone in harm’s way, often within a matter of hours.

Other hostile or potentially hazardous environments can be inspected through the use of our autonomous flight control systems; entire operations can be orchestrated with little to no pilot input. With our experienced and expert operators, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

We’re recognized leaders, the first ISO9001:2008 full design, own, operate and training organisation. Civil Aviation Safety Authority certified and recognized by industry leaders world wide for our unique capabilities. Respected around the world for our skills and focus on Safety, efficiency and value.

If you’re looking to save money and potentially lives. Our teams are delivering reliable, safe and innovative solutions.

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Save money, reduce costs, improve safety and innovate.

We believe the potential benefits of Sci.Aero type UAV systems in the mining sector cannot be overstated. Live inspection of mining equipment can be affected efficiently and easily, and with Sci.Aero’s comprehensive aircraft capability and UAV payload catalog, a broad range of potentially serious operational expenses can be reduced and in some circumstances Sci.Aero type UAVs & Drones can even mitigate them.

One good example of UAV application in the resources industry is the inspection of mining site conveyor belts. Using the rugged and effective dual infra-red/optical payload, Sci.Aero type drones can quickly assess broad lengths of equipment, searching for the variation in temperature that implies a frictional buildup indicative of bearing failure. Simply, due to the agile nature of the Sci.Aero type VTOL UAV system, the inspection can be carried out in a matter of minutes, keeping operational costs to a minimum. In this manner, defective or failing components can be targeted with pinpoint accuracy and replaced before failure occurs. Sci.Aero type UAVs & drones save time, money and reduce loss.

Our UAVs can also be used to provide quick and extensive environmental data in the planning and approval stages of mine site establishment. Using a multispectral suite, vegetation and elevation indexing can be efficiently carried out, giving a clear and immediate indication of the floral health of an area.

We believe in delivering reliable, trusted, quality UAV & Drone service. If you’re looking to innovate and reduct costs, we can help.


The best where quality, accuracy and high detail are required.

The cyberQuad by Sci.Aero, offers a unique capability. It’s ideally suited to much specialist survey work, offering capabilities other UAVs and drones can’t. The multispectral/DSLR package offers great opportunities in the agricultural and surveying industries. With automated waypoint flying, repeating a flight at a later date is simple reliable process. All imagery data is fully geotagged allowing for a single image to be stitched together covering the entire captured area.

Our multispectral suite captures full RGB plus wideband near-infrared imaging, allowing for NDVI generation to assess vegetation health and coverage. This drone technology is ideal for the agriculture and viticulture industries, as crop health can be monitored more precisely and regularly than with traditional methods. If an unhealthy section of the crop is detected, steps can be taken quickly to determine what needs to be done to ensure a more successful yield.

Another great application of our large sensor DSLR payload is generating elevation models from the captured data. By flying multiple passes over an area, a 3D model of the area can be created. This is extremely useful for surveyors involved in many areas, including property development, road planning, and agricultural markets.

If you’re the type of person who’s looking for a reliable, trusted partner to deliver a polite, professional, quality service. We’d love to meet you.

Sci.Aero winery survey with cyberQuad - DSLR, NIR, NDVI sample imagery

Full HD footage of triathlon captured by cyberQuad drone uav by Sci.Aero


Awesome footage, unbelievable angles and an exciting experience.

We believe in providing value driven awesome capability. We’re kids who grew up and chased they’re dreams, building a technology platform and unmatched service offering. Our UAV and Drone pilots are polite, quality accredited professionals who deliver.

Hiring a manned helicopter for your production can be extremely expensive. The use of Sci.Aero type UAVs and drones is cost effective, allowing you to achieve and save. The use of advanced, stable Sci.Aero type robotic VTOL aircraft allows film and TV coverage of events from angles that were previously either impossible or extremely expensive to capture. The aerial capabilities of the cyberQuad allow for amazing cinematic footage of landscapes and events that will be surpassed by none. With a dedicated payload controller, full attention can be focused on positioning the full HD video camera to obtain the perfect aerial shot.

The cyberQuad offers a full HD camera with optical image stabilisation, on an actively optically stabilised gimbal. This ensures smooth level footage no matter the movement of the aircraft. A key advantage of the cyberQuad UAV is the safety of the ducted design; the rotating blades are safely enclosed in the ducts to ensure that the aircraft cannot damage anything if it was to make contact.

Safest for live events. The Sci.Aero cyberQuad is a must have for significantly enhancing safety at events. No exposed blades ensure maximised safety.


Rapidly deployed, highly mobile and ultimately responsive.

We believe our emergency services personnel are hero’s – everyone of them. We’re proud to deliver a highly valued service that saves lives.

Sci.Aero type UAVs and drones, in emergency situations, allow for greater situational awareness. The ability to get a rapid overview of the situation is invaluable, with real time vision able to be accessed directly by the ground crew. The option of a thermal/optical dual camera payload is ideal for fire crews, as they can see through the smoke and spot smaller fires that may otherwise be missed. This allows fires to be brought under control quicker and with more ease, increasing safety to the ground crew and equipment, and increasing their effectiveness. Our drones are also ideal for monitoring training exercises. With an aerial viewpoint, you can assess your crew and ensure they are operating as safely and effectively as possible.

Secure and assess any situation with safety.

I’ve completed my RPA course with them and operate a robotic quad unit in the emergency services market. This has really changed the game for us and is giving us visibility and critical info for assessing situations. With the real time situational data we obtain it’s keeping our crew in the know and out of harms way.

Peter Loenen,
Melbourne Fire Brigade

Sci.Aero drone emergency services response
Let Palm Beach Drone introduce you to this new special breed of Autonomous Robotic Air Craft from our partners at Sci-Aero; the revolutionary cyberQuad.
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