Octopus ISR


Intelligence – Surveillance – Reconnaissance


Epsilon 35 IR Epsilon 135 Epsilon 140

Octopus ISR is a division of the UAV Factory company, based in Latvia.   Octopus makes RGB, Thermal and Dual Sensor payloads, as well as ground station, tracking and payload retraction systems.

While these sensor payloads were primarily designed for the world renowned Penguin UAS platform made by UAV Factory, they are also available as stand-alone components for integration into any system.

AirLinkThe AirLink Digital IP Video transmission system  covers a range of 10-100 Km,

Their  custom Universal Ground Control Station is built to support a Panasonic Tough-Book, and a wide range of radio configurations.


Gimbal RetractionThe Payload retraction system is an option that few manufacturers can offer, so we are pleased to be able to offer this solution to our distinguished clients.

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