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Palm Beach Drone is proud to partner with BlimpWorks Airships to deliver the finest quality custom built Aerial Blimps.  They build the BEST NYLON Blimp, front to back, top to bottom.  Their skilled team will build your blimp from our proprietary three-ply, rip stop nylon material, heat seal the seams, and test it for helium loss.

The helium loss for a BlimpWorks blimp is less than one-tenth of a percent (0.01%) by volume per day. A Blimpworks blimp that is kept inflated throughout a hockey or basketball season will use only 2-3 tanks of helium (beyond the initial inflation of the blimp) for the entire season. Helium costs for a Blimpworks blimp is less than $200 every six months.

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BlimpWorks Blimps and Airships are made of a very high quality proprietary fabric that is NOT available commercially to other blimp manufacturers. We use a 3.2 oz, 3-ply rip-stop nylon that is made specifically to our rigorous standards. Every square yard of our blimp fabric is quality control tested for consistent fabric weight, tear strength, tensile strength and permeability. Our fabric is NOT a polyurethane film (plastic) that is prone to pinholes and difficult to repair. All Blimpworks blimps can be directly painted. A six to ten year life for a BlimpWorks blimp envelope is standard, not the exception.

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From there, they blend the dynamic design to the hi-tech electronic flight package.  Now your eye-catching show piece is almost ready to fly.

“Powered by Airworks Enterprises”
BlimpWorks Blimps, with Airworks Enterprises
come equipped with the highest quality radios, servomotors, speed controllers and components. The gondola is a molded polystyrene shell that is lightweight and durable. The forward propellers are guarded for complete safety in the front by nylon webbing and shrouded on the sides using a durable polystyrene housing. Complete 360 degree vectoring of the motors allows our blimp to take off straight up in the air, and fly in reverse equally well as flying forward (like a helicopter). Our blimps can actually hover in one position while spinning 360 degrees. BlimpWorks blimps DO NOT need forward velocity to turn. A Blimpworks blimp is far more maneuverable than the other lower quality blimps on the market. This enables the pilot to bring the blimp to more fans with greater ease and navigate into all the “nooks and crannies” of your facility. Standard NMH batteries comes with every blimp.

Next our graphic artists will make some magic with some amazing attention to detail, spectacular hand painting, and digitally printed banners,  to bring your new blimp to life.   You and your sponsor will quickly understand why BlimpWorks Airships are rewarded with repeat business.


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Anything you put your name on should be as good as your own reputation.  Our products are proven performers and profit builders, logging hundreds of thousands of successful flights worldwide. With quality construction and system redundancy to ensure safety and flawless flying, you may be assured our airships will proudly represent you and your sponsors.  Added value through spectacular artwork and special features, including our selective drop device, unparalleled service, and a long life, makes BlimpWorks your first choice for RC Airships and inflatables.

The cost to operate a blimp are nominal. Helium can be obtained from a local welding supplier and helium sells for around $100.00 per 250 cuft tank. After the initial helium fill of the blimp, the envelope will periodically need to be “refreshed” with more helium. Over time some air will displace a portion of the helium causing the blimp to fly “heavy”. The air can be purged with out completely deflating the blimp using only a small amount of helium. The motors of an indoor blimp run off rechargable NMH battery packs that need only a 120-volt outlet to recharge. Pilot fees range from $40-$100 per use and compensation for pilots sometimes includes lodging and a meal, from time to time.  Ask us about training your pilots to fly the blimp.

Our Blimp is designed to stay aloft for 30-45 minutes at a time on a change of the NMH batteries. The NMH battery packs only take 15 minutes to fully recharge, and the discharged battery packs can be replaced by new packs in less than one minute through a removable access panel on the side of the gondola. The amount of paint on the blimp and the weight of the payload carried by the deployment device will effect the continuous flying time realized by the blimp. The more weight on the blimp, the harder the motors must work to keep the blimp aloft; hence a greater drain on the battery. Some additional weights are included to ballast the blimp properly. When ballasting the blimp, it should be a little bit heavy before the coupons on put on the drop device. This is done so the blimp falls down instead of up, in case of a power failure.


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Outdoor use requires compliance with FAA guidance;

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