AUVSI 2018

The AUVSI Xponential Show was held in Denver this year.  The weather was great for early May, and yes, we did get some snow, where we were staying in the mountains.

If there was one thing that seemed to prevail at the 2018 Xponential show this year, it was VTOL Fixed Wing Aircraft.   There must have been a dozen or more agencies or firms that presented a VTOL Platform this year, with some in production for sale.   The differences were in the way they transitioned into flight, or landed.

Some of the units land, inverted on the rear of the aircraft, others land on the belly and never rotate during flight.  Still others use Tilt-Rotors to transition into flight.

The advantages of a VTOL Fixed Wing Aircraft include increased range, and better options for persistent surveillance or SAR Applications.


 debuted the UASTrakker Search And Rescue, UAS Tracking solution, for persons in distress.  It works by autonomously locating a Personal Locator Beacon, or Man OverBoard device that has been activated during an emergency.  This lifesaving technology is expected to be available for sale by the end of 2018.  See for more information.

There were many new vendors displaying Helicopters, heavy lift drones, and new sensors galore.  This is truly the best Show for unmanned systems technology on display.


You thought I was kidding about the snow, didn’t you?