UASTrakker Emergency RF Beacon Tracking System for Drones

April 11, 2018      Lantana, Florida

The UAS Trakker LLC company announced today that they will introduce their new, potentially lifesaving, UASTrakker technology at the AUVSI Xponential Trade show, May 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 2018, in Denver, Colorado.  Visit them at booth 3233B

The UASTrakker technology involves customizing a long range drone to use Emergency Radio Frequencies for tracking down a missing hiker, man-overboard or someone in distress almost anywhere, who uses a Personal Locator Beacon, (PLB), or other specific purpose Emergency RF Beacon.   These Emergency Location Radios are manufactured by numerous companies like
ACR Electronics, McMurdo, Kannad, Microwave Monolithics/Wireless Concepts, Northern Airborne Technology (NAT) to name a few.

The UASTrakker Integrated Systems are mounted onto proven airframes, from standard drone manufacturers, that can carry the weight of the radio components.   UASTrakker is currently in negotiations with several aircraft industry partners, and can deliver their system on a Multi-Rotor, fixed wing or VTOL fixed wing platform, depending on the user needs.

Data gathered by the drone is transmitted to the cloud, over LTE or Satellite modem, and will be made available through an APP to the Search And Rescue (SAR) team.  The solution is built to include Microsoft Azure internet resources, making it scalable to any size operation, as well as capable of being integrated with many other emergency communication systems.

Further product development includes landing on a moving platform, such as a Coast Guard Cutter or troop deployment vehicle.  This will enable the drone to be launched and retrieved from a moving vehicle, while at sea or in dangerous environments like combat.

Other uses might include aerial support of SWAT type missions, or a manhunt where the responders are on the move, by providing a “tag-a-long” drone that autonomously locates and then follows the 1st responder(s).  This provides cloud based situational awareness of a mission, for a fraction of the cost of putting a mobile headquarters onsite,  with the typical and expensive satellite uplink.

Even national parks could use this technology, by renting a PLB to hikers and visitors entering the park, and using the UASTrakker enabled drone to locate them if the beacon is activated.  Depending on the size of drone used, a life preserver, supplies and medicine could also be delivered to the stranded person.  The drone primarily provides the fastest way to get situational awareness, as well as being able to view helpful video and GPS data gathered during the flight, which will assist in the rescue efforts.

By installing the UASTrakker system on a heavy lifting drone, it is conceivable that a stranded person could be hoisted to safety from a place too dangerous for first responders to go otherwise, like rough seas or the side of a remote cliff.

For more information visit or call 561-389-1490.  We hope to see you in Denver when the debut of this exciting product, which was designed to enhance search and rescue, occurs.

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