Drone Detection Systems are Rapidly Developing

There are a lot of options emerging that deal with the threats of rogue small UAS attacks, reckless endangerment of airport traffic, or other misuse. While there are numerous start-ups that suggest they have the best new ideas on drone tracking, not all have made it to the stage of production and availability for sale. Many are still starving for resources to complete their ideas, while giants like Intel and Lockheed actually get the contracts and sales needed to fund their research in these arenas.

The most prominent systems that are, or show the most promise of becoming, available today come from the following companies:

Aaronia Drone Detection System – http://www.aaronia.com/products/solutions/Aaronia-Drone-Detection-System/ German firm specializing in radio transmission equipment and Antennaes has a system that uses a 9kHz to 40GHz 3D Tracking-antenna to detect almost any Radio Controlled device, and illuminate it on a windows based GCS screen in real-time. Scale-able to use multiple sensor sites, radar, etc.

Battelle Drone Defender – Counter UAS Radio Jamming Gun – https://www.battelle.org/government-offerings/national-security/aerospace-systems/counter-UAS-technologies/dronedefender is sold only to military and government services. ITAR

Department 13 Mesmer system  –  https://department13.com/mesmer/ detects the standard communication frequencies used by small UAS, identifies the type of drone, and then mitigates the risk by sending commands to “Return to Home” as an example.  Cost is estimated in the Hundreds of Thousands of dollars.

DJI AeroScope  https://www.dji.com/newsroom/news/understanding-dji-aeroscope-solution was just announced in October.  List price hasn’t been released yet, but this may be the most affordable option coming to market.  DJI Suggested the AeroScope will cost under $5,000

DroneShield – https://www.droneshield.com/ offers a Radio Jamming Gun, UAS Detection Sensor Arrays, and a completely autonomous system with sensors and a “Drone Cannon” to knock most RC equipment out of the sky by again denying them GPS, GLONASS or Radio signal from any band. ITAR

Gryphon Sensors SkyLight System – http://gryphonsensors.com/products/ Multi-Sensor array with Radar identifies everything flying. Cost depends on size of area/installation. ITAR

Israeli Aerospace Industries – http://www.iai.co.il/2013/18892-en/BusinessAreas_UnmannedAirSystems.aspx   Offers the DroneGuard system for Government use. This aerospace firm is one of the world’s leading authorities on low band radar, UAS detection and so many other things to do with radio communication.

Liteye AUDS System – www.liteye.com AUDS is designed to disrupt and neutralize Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) Costs $1.5Mil to 2.2Mil USD per installation with visibility range from 9 Meters to 5Km These systems are military grade, and can mount additional sensors or even a modified automatic AR15 if necessary. Permits and ITAR definitely apply.

Dedrone Systems – www.dedrone.com offer single RF and multi-sensor detection products, cameras, software for a PC Groundstation, and even offer a Radio Jammer through a 3rd Party which should shut down most RC Hobby aircraft as it denies them GPS, GLONASS and RF signals. Once this happens, most hobby aircraft will automatically land themselves. This system is one of the more affordable to implement, and is modular.

Skysafe – https://www.skysafe.io/ is a 2 year old start-up that builds UAS jamming systems into jeeps and ATV’s etc. to allow ruggedized travel and use as a mobile counter UAS asset.

Theiss UAV Excipio Aerial Netting system – http://www.theissuav.com/researchanddevelopment/ is a drone that catches up to another drone and disables it by firing a net at it. This system can be adapted to work with other drone detection systems as a failsafe response to an incoming drone.

Openworks Engineering Skywall 100 Drone Net Bazooka – https://openworksengineering.com/skywall allows the operator to fire a programmable projectile at the drone to intercept and neutralize it with a net and parachute. Make in the UK.