UAS For Perimeter Security Systems

The convergence of Cellular data modems, cloud based servers and web apps/software have unlocked the potential of small Unmanned Aerial Systems to be used in a wide array of security uses.  New uses that will lower risk, speed the delivery of results and potentially save each industry a lot of money.

Patrolling a large area like a State Park, a city or even a large shopping mall can be expensive using ground patrols.  These entities will now benefit from new systems designed for the required endurance, and surveillance missions.  Now 60, 90 or even 240 minute endurance VTOL aircraft are providing services that used to require a helicopter.  In fact, many drones are purpose built miniature helicopters.

Olaeris AEVA 3 is an example of this kind of purpose built drone.

The Olaeris system is marketed as an autonomous replacement for a helicopter, with a rang of about 100 miles.  It can be automatically launched in response to an emergency call, and offers much quicker visual response times than on-ground responders.   Markets include perimeter security monitoring of Nuclear Power plants, Border Patrol and Municipal Emergency response.

Companies like SkySense have developed specific products like automatic charging tablets, while still other companies have integrated and/or improved upon their ideas to build self-contained drone enclosure systems like the H3 Dynamics DroneBox solar charging system in the video below.

H3 Dynamics specialize in Power systems, providing Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology, among their other products, aimed at the small UAS industry.

Permanent, tethered, self charging, networkable drones that can wirelessly transmit their data through a cellular cloud based service, or to a monitoring station nearby may change the way we patrol just about everything.  AT&T, Verizon and most major cellular providers are investing heavily in the development and use of cellular network services for drone use.

Companies like Elistaire make systems that connects to a multitude of “off the shelf” drones, like the DJI Inspire 1, turning them into tethered systems with unlimited flight times.  These systems are especially useful providing longer term surveillance for an outdoor festival or concert, etc. where permanent facilities are impractical to install.