Drones at the Palm Beach Boat Show 2017

You cannot fly a Drone anywhere near the Palm Beach International Boat Show, without being certified to fly it,  and gaining special permissions;  filing flight plans with the airport, etc.  

DJI Inspire 1 is the drone of choice, for many of the luxury Yacht Captains, when use is allowed.  Universal access to parts and support in most ports, are the main reasons this unit is chosen.


Brownies Marine had a booth that was displaying the waterproof Splash Drone and other goodies,

our favorite toy is the remotely operated Deep Trecker ROV.  Check out this video:

Although, it is pretty impressive to see a 100′ yacht, with a remote control that allows the captain to stand on the dock.  He can parallel park, or maneuver into the tightest quarters using side thrusters and a sophisticated 900 mhz radio controlled pilot system.  Plus, if you can have your own Helicopter, who needs a drone anyway?

Thanks go out to the folks at Show Management for bringing this fantastic boat show to Palm Beach County every year!