New DJI Products for 2017

In celebration of Chinese New Year, DJI invited renowned illustrator and designer Martin Sati to customize the Phantom 4, adding colors and his imagination to this flagship DJI product.

Sati’s design features the phoenix as the centerpiece, a symbol of good fortune and happiness in Chinese mythology. He also drew inspiration from the four basic elements of nature – air, fire, water and earth – and reflected each of these elements in his design.

DJI labs have also been busy designing new products, many of which were on display at the C.E.S. 2017 show in Las Vegas.   Click here to read the full Press Release. 

The Mavic Pro, folding pocket drone, that was announced last year, is set to be delivered in January-February.

The new CrystalSky monitor is more than four times as bright as typical mobile devices.


DJI has been building a toolbox of products for commercial use as well.  For example, the new Inspire 2 with the X5 gimbal allows you to choose from Cinematic or Thermal image payloads.

Find out more about DJI Commercial Products by clicking here: