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Monday August 29, 2016 is when the new Small UAS Rule, Part 107, comes into effect in the USA.  New testing and a “Remote Pilot Certificate” will be available for the first time in history; enabling the Regular Use of UAS during daylight hours, within visual line of site.  This is a big deal, if you didn’t already know that.  It offers commercial users the first clear-cut path to proper use of UAS in business operations.  It clears numerous hurdles for the insure-ability of drone use.  This is huge for the UAS industry!

Remote Pilot – Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Airman Certification Standards can be viewed here.

Remote Pilot – Small UAS Study Guide

For existing pilots there is this online Video Class that focuses on the knowledge areas of 14 CFR part 107 that are beyond the operational knowledge of parts 61 and 91. which can be found at: https://www.faasafety.gov/files/helpcontent/courses/5095_lms_faast/menu/index.htm

www.faasafety.gov  offers free courses that teach about Part 107, among other airman knowledge tests.  There are also courses listed there from schools that are fee based.

Apply Here: https://iacra.faa.gov/IACRA/Default.aspx

The Portal for all things UAS is located at www.faa.gov/uas
To find your local testing facility call these numbers:
CATS     800-947-4228
PSI         800-211-2754
or check out the FAA List of Airman Knowlege Testing Centers

For questions about Part 107 requirements, testing or compliance call 1-844-FLY-MYUA  (844-359-6982) or
e-mail: uashelp@faa.gov

The NEW Small UAS Rule (Part 107), including all pilot and operating rules, will be effective on August 29, 2016. For more detailed information, please see:

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