Airborne Drones Multi-Rotor Achieves 90 Minute Flight Endurance

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Capetown, South Africa is where Airborne Drones builds the new Vanguard Inspection drone, which boasts a 94 minute flight time.


This model is aimed at utility inspection, border patrol and other surveillance missions where distance and length of service is critical to the mission.

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Palm Beach Drone is proud to be working with Airborne Drones to fulfill missions where a VTOL aircraft is required, but where 30-40 minutes of flight time just won’t work.  Call us today to secure a quote on this phenomenal machine, or any of the other commercial Aircraft they offer, at 561-389-1490.

Airborne Delivery Drone

Inspection drones are just a start though.  Airborne also makes Package Delivery drones and Lidar Equipped 3D Mapping systems that are Turn-Key.

Sentinal plus Lidar

Visit for  more info and US pricing.  or visit

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Airborne Drones has been making headlines with their long endurance aircraft since 2014, and with prices starting at $4,999 it is easy to predict the success of this firm going forward.  Call today 561-389-1490.


Airborne Drones Thermal 3 from Airborne Drones on Vimeo.