ALEA Expo Showcases Law Enforcement Drones


The Airborne Law Enforcement Association held their Annual Conference and Trade Show July 18-23 in Savanna Georgia.  There were over 160 Vendors displaying Helicopters, Planes, Communication Systems, Sensors and Drone Technology that are designed for Law Enforcement and First Responder use.


The Aeryon Skyranger, a favorite in Law Enforcement circles, was on display.  The Skyranger is weather resistant and handles well in strong winds and inclement weather.   Aeryon offers the Skyranger with Optical Zoom, Thermal and EO-IR payloads, as well as configurations for Inspection and mapping applications.

Sensor Vendors like ADI-ISR, Flir, LRAD and others displayed the latest in EO-IR, Thermal and Accoustic sensors, many for use on Small UAS systems.


We were very impressed by the Frazier Optics “Stedi-Eye Airborne” sensor that was on display for use on any small UAS.  This brand new device, weighing in at 300 grams, will allow a wide range of uses on standard or custom UAS, allowing them to now compete with more proprietary systems that have integrated EO-IR sensor payloads.  We would expect the cost to be around $30K for this game changer.

IMT Solutions also had a super small HD video Downlink that was quite impressive, with a 2 mile range, called the “MicroLite Aerial“.  They had a rugged FPV screen with built in DVR called the “Mini Mobile Commander.

IMT Dropcam

Another really cool gadget from IMT was the “DropCam HD” which sported it’s own HD camera, Video DL and DVR in a rugged-ized component.

The DropCam offers a number of interchangeable camera modules allowing for covert use, broadcast or data acquisition.  Click here for the Spec Sheet on the DropCam.

Our thanks to the staff at ALEA for a great event, and to Mr Don Bachali, author of the book entitled “The History of the Airborne Law Enforcement Association” ,for the book and vast amount of knowledge he was willing to share.

Visit to find out more about the organization.   They offer a lot of Resources to Law Enforcement Agencies on their website.  One of particular value is the UAS Resource Guide.