QuestUAV launches DataHawk Mapping Drone


QuestUAV has been around since 2008 in the UK, building modular fixed wing autonomous drones.  They have designed their Q-Pod line of sensors to cater to the mapping and precise agriculture markets as well as working with universities and land/ water management agencies in 21 countries around the globe.


Their traditional Q-200 aircraft is comprised of the Q-Pod Module(s) that you purchase, the 668 watt motor and the EPP Wings that attach to the Q-Pod.   When fully outfitted, a Q-200 can have a Gimballed High resolution RGB, NDVI, Near Infra-Red or Multi-Spectral camera flying autonomous mapping routes for up to 90 minutes at a time.   A comparison of the Q-200 to other popular fixed wing UAVs can be seen Here. 

The Q-200 uses a bungee launcher to get airborn and a parachute to land softly.  The flight controller allows you to plan missions that require multiple flight to complete.  This platform is a valuable, commercial grade mapping tool that allows the operator to perform a multitude of tasks simply by changing the sensor pod and battery.

Datahawk closeupNow QuestUAV has introduced a smaller fixed wing named the DataHawk with similar mapping capabilities as the Q-200 in a single configuration that focuses on creating only one type of imagery; (e.g. only does RGB orthomosaic mapping or only does multispectral crop analysis, etc.)  This unit is smaller, in part because it has offloaded the larger sized body that is needed to create the interchangeable joints and locks on the Q-Pod line.   The wingspan of the DataHawk is just under 4′, allowing this unit to be hand-launched.

The Quest DataHawk is one of the only Fixed Wings in it’s class that offers a 20MP Gimballed Camera option, giving it unmatched clarity and quality of images, even at higher altitudes.   With an Hour of flight time, this smaller unit may be just the tool needed for accurate data collection, and post processing using  Pix4D software, which is what QuestUAVs are sold and tested with.    For more info on Pix4D or other software titles, be sure to visit our software links page by clicking here.