Tayzu Robotics Develops Cayman Island UAS Testing Facility and Cellular Connected UAV


Florida based start-up,  and drone developer Tayzu Robotics, in cooperation with Cayman Enterprise City (“CEC”), an award winning Special Economic Zone in the Cayman Islands, has an agreement to establish an autonomous Unmanned Aerial System testing facility. Located on the island of Cayman Brac, this facility will cater to major corporations like Amazon, GoPro, UPS, Google, DHL, and other companies that want to test the flight capabilities of aerial drones for large scale commercial purposes.  Click here to read more about the testing facility.

But this company isn’t done making headlines.  They also have teamed up with Verizon Wireless.   Tayzu Robotics, through their Verizon Partnership Program (VPP), has integrated the new NimbleLink Skywire Cellular modem technology into their  Multi-Rotor aircraft. This cellular networking technology will enable their Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to collect large amounts of data from autonomous flights via the Verizon Cellular Network. Click here to read more about this partnership.

Tayzu claims it will roll out their line of MultiRotors with Lidar and Sonar sensors, landing stations that will automatically recharge the drone plus the ability to take off and land by remote control from anywhere in the world.   (By the way, Palm Beach Drone already offers this kind of solution to our Security Conscious clients.  Click here to read more about real autonomous flight systems from Palm Beach Drone.)



The Tayzu X8 is designed for heavier lifting, so it will carry a Red Epic or similar camera.  It’s list price is just under $10,000, and offers a $3,000 Mission Control Center as an accessory.  These are pretty competitive prices, coupled with state of the art networking components.  We think this is a company to keep your eyes on.